You Gotta Have a System – John Maxwell


  • Learn Systems to do work quickly and efficiently.
  • Systems are for managing time.
  • Systems help to prevent wasted energies
  • The biggest time waster is looking for things that are lost.
  • Systems must be used as a livestyle, not a one time thing.
  • Work in blocks of time.
    • Clump similar tasks together.
  • Create an area where you can work without interruptions.
  • Systems of delegation, aren’t so you can be lazy. You do it so you can become more effective.

Systems Help To:

  1. Manage time.
  2. Prevent wasted energies
  3. Multiply creativity and frees you up of trivia.
  4. Maximize our progress.

How Systems Maximize Life

  1. Decrease chaos
  2. Delegate your load. Pass off to others.
    1. Keep ball carriers close by.
    2. Bring people who are going to be doing the work to meetings so they understand the context.
    3. Delegate everything possible. Ask “Who can do this.”
    4. Do not waste time and energy repeating information
      1. Most communications problems can be solved by proximity.
    5. Train people how to handle problems.
      1. Every decision you make, make the decision and then explain why you made the decision to the other person. You will teach another how you think.
  3. Double your time. They make you time effective.
    1. Do 2 or 3 things at once whenever possible.
    2. Listen to learning audio in the car.
    3. Take projects with you on trips.
    4. Have work with you whenever you may have to wait.
    5. Work and play at the same time. (Ballgame bring legal pad)


  • “How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be correct, time is gone forever.”
  • “If you go to a meeting and you’re taking the notes, you ain’t the leader.” – John Maxwell