Just One Hour a Day to Grow

One hour a day may seem like a big commitment but it is really not. Habit formation is something that is pretty well documented and isn’t a surprise to anybody. Start doing something every day for 45-60 days and it will no longer feel painful, it will feel comfortable.

Within 2 months you will have momentum on your side. I am now seeing that may be all we need to grow healthy food for our families.

What One Hour a Day To Grow Did For Me

  • I now have more food planted.
  • More food germinated.
  • More food growing.
  • And more food harvested, AND documented.

There Are No Secrets

It wasn’t from better seed, more knowledge, growing in A vs B container, it was just basic time focused.

What if we apply that to other growing efforts? That is just vegetables which require more work for what they return. But what about planting trees? Or rather harvesting from?

It isn’t the one hour that you give, but the experience that you gain. If you will challenge yourself, I recommend doing it during the first daylight hours. It will be hard to separate you from the real world to go into the manufactured one.