About Mike Cornwell

Mike Cornwell is a throwback pioneer. Mike is the owner and creator of Bonnie Blue Farms and Nursery which produces diverse array of edible and resilient plants, located in  St Tammany Parish, Southeast Louisiana.

Mike knows that there is nothing more valuable than systems that provide families with the bounties of nature. After having been exposed to the realities of war torn countries, poverty stricken areas and the growing culture of fear in the developed world, Mike is constantly discovering the tangible, long term values obtain through producing reliable food in natural and raw systems, for this generation and those coming to be. Instead of being pinned down by an out of control negativity culture, he is helping others push through the debilitating “what ifs” that are associated with making short, medium and long term choices about building resilient food systems for a better life. It is time that we begin to ignore dated and broken concepts and institutions and instead look for what works and trusting that nature wants to thrive.

Mike with farming giant Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farms

Diverse Experiences and Background

Mike has been exposed to as many different experiences as one can get from living all over the United States, joining the Marine Corps, spending time in Afghanistan as a political and economic intelligence agent, a career as a professional software developer and small business ownership. While doing this he runs his 8 acre homestead, farm and nursery in Louisiana with his wife Christine and daughter Julia, complete with 200+ edible trees and bushes, goats, hogs and chickens.

The visionary Permaculture farmer Mark Shepard.

Mike has been using practical permaculture design and principles on his farm and homestead since 2013, where permaculture isn’t just something that is thrown around, its taken seriously. He earned a Permaculture Design Certification from Geoff Lawton and the Permaculture Research Institute and a Practical Permaculture Design Certificate from Whole Systems Design in Montpelier, VT.


Selling rare and heritage southern apple trees.
Mike building swales to raise trees off the ground and capture wature.

Previous Engagements

Helicopter ride in Afghanistan.

Mike Cornwell has moved around greatly in his professional life and pulls from as many diverse experiences as one could.  Mike has worked revamping large corporate box stores, served as an intelligence analyst in the United States Marine Corps and the FBI. He has built cutting edge digital forensics software as a software developer, and for awhile was a regionally touring musician.

Mike enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserves in 2004 as an All-Source Intelligence Analyst. As an analyst, Mike was heavily steeped in becoming comfortable in uncertain environments and having to make decisions with little to no information. He spent time in Peru, Ecuador, Japan, Australia, and Afghanistan. In 2008, Mike was deployed to Afghanistan as the senior enlisted marine to create the Economic Political Intelligence Cell focusing on understanding and working with government, civilian, NGOs and military organizations for creating political and economic stability. During this experience, Mike engaged with high level Afghanistan, British and American government officials and senior leaders in Helmand Provice, Afghanistan and was distinctly labeled a “Power-Broker” for superior influence and networking abilities. For this he was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.  His experiences show that genuineness, confidence, motivation, and a touch of technical proficiency will propel anybody ahead greatly.

Mike with Provicinal Leaders