January 28th Conversation with David

  • If you think that you’re a unique snow flake and you’re doing things that have never been done before, you’re likely to fall into despair because what you’re doing may be impossible.
    • 4 Minute Mile, example.
      • How did he do it? The trainer tricked him into thinking that he was running slower than he was.
    • If you think that somebody has done it before, then it is much easier.
  • Environment “limits” (or expands) what you think is possible.
  • If it rhymes people believe it.
  • “That is the rabbit hole. You ultimately choose to believe or not.”
  • Things that do not conform to your beliefs they do not make it into your brain.
  • An uber human can see what a person’s perspective filter is, and modify what they say to match that filter.
  • Fit into a person’s preconceived boxes so they use little mental energies as possible.
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