5 Step Equipping Process – John Maxwell – Notes

Note: Begins at 25:41 and ends at 27:42

  1. I do it.
    1. You can’t teach what you don’t know.
    2. We may teach what we know, but reproduce what we are.
  2. I do it and you’re with me.
    1. Mentor
    2. Coach
    3. You watch me and observe me.
    4. Be able to ask questions.
  3. You do it.
    1. You do it and I am with you.
    2. I watch you.
    3. Help you to get better.
  4. You do it.
    1. You don’t need me anymore.
    2. You do it well.
  5. You do it, and somebody is with you.
    1. Compounding.
    2. You teach someone else.
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