Captain Davis’ Next Apple

A fully and completely ripe Captain Davis Apple

What was Captain Davis thinking when he carried apple seeds across the south to Mississippi? During a long journey along the Piedmont from Greensboro, North Carolina to Kosciusko, Mississippi he certainly must have considered what was in his hands. It must have been an adequate enough fruit to peak his interest. Our ancestors must have had a longer view on the world if they were willing to hold onto seeds over a great journey, and then plant them one day with no guarantee of great returns.

Kosciusko, MS circa 1920

“These seeds, will produce delicious fruit, to be savored for generations.” he might have said. Or maybe, he was just thinking “man this fruit is amazing, I’m keeping these seeds”. The stories of history rarely contain such a context. Since his discharge from the confederate army on April 26th, 1865 generations have come and gone, and yet his legacy still remains starting from the simple act of saving seeds, carrying them and putting trust in them to grow.

Did he know after his passing, ancestors would carry on his name by passing sprouts coming from roots? Or maybe that people would know his name starting from underground trading rings? It is not likely, but yet this is where the story exists today.

Captain Davis apple seedlings

Nearly 200 years in the future in 2016 dozens of new descendants of the work of Captain Davis will begin their leg of the journey. Seeds from the Captain Davis apple, born in Mississippi are being sown for future generations. Will these seeds produce a delicious fresh eating apple? How about an apple for juicing and pressing into cider? The seemingly randomness of apple seeds says we may get just about anything we can imagine.

Come summer 2017 these trees will emerge and begin to grow into the fruit trees of the future. These seedlings will turn into juvenile trees across the southeast starting their journey, coming from a great legacy. So, the story of Captain Davis will live on.


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