Grow Fruit Trees Like Weeds

Let’s face it, our fruit trees are weak. The ones we choose, how we cultivate them, and our entire relationship with them encourages poor results. Why do you think spraying is a “must” now? We willed that into existence.

Our short term focus drives us rather than our long term one which is odd considering the long term benefits are actually the reason for trees themselves. Instead of planting trees that will fruit for 100+ years, we are planting ones that might last 10 or 15 years on dwarf rootstocks (laughingly called disease resistant) followed by creating a “disease” that prevents the replanting of those trees (called replant “disease”). This trading of long term stability for short term gain, is quite clearly a recipe for complete disaster.

As a potential patch to this problem of non-evolution, perhaps we should start taking the place of weeds with our fruit trees. Nature gets better and stronger by being put to the test, so naturally we should do the same with our trees.

Since “weeds” germinate when there is bare soil present, why don’t we go ahead and throw some tree seeds in there while we are at it. Not because we are interested in the fruit (that comes later), but because something was going to grow there anyways, might as well be one that we think we like. Cut those fruit tree weeds in winter if their looks are unpleasant and in a few years time, perhaps you will have a best tasting local fruit variety.

You can only win nature games with nature tactics.

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